2019 Territorial Elections

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The 2019 Territorial Election Candidate Report Card is now available HERE.

Full Candidate Responses can be read HERE

Letter that was sent to candidates

Candidates were given a deadline of September 20th to respond, but late responses were accepted up until September 26th.


UNW advertisement in Northern News and Yellowknifer

Which incumbents supported YOU during the GNWT bargaining troubles?

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UNW Candidate Report Card

On Sept 17th, the UNW sent 5 questions to all territorial candidates, including those who were acclaimed.  The Report Card will be published HERE online on September 26, and following in the newspaper.

1.  Will you oppose any cuts to the Public Service workforce resulting from austerity measures to fund infrastructure projects?

2.  Will you oppose contracting out of unionized work and fight to return services currently contracted out?

3.  Will you oppose any further use of Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) that benefit out of territory businesses, for GNWT projects (eg Stanton Terr Hospital)

4.  Will you oppose the misuse of precarious and casual positions of unionized workers?

5.  Will you ensure the UNW is a full participant in the modernization of the Public Service Act?

SCORING - Candidates who respond "YES" to all questions will be given a passing grade.  Candidates who respond "NO" to one or more questions will receive a failing grade.

Candidates will be given an opportunity to elaborate on their positions, which will also be posted on this webpage.

For more information, click HERE to see our full advertisement in the Yellowknifer and News North.

Topics of interest to union members and questions you can ask your candidates. 

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