Anti Union Grievance Forms

UNW members have the right to promote and build our union in the workplace.

Members have the right to be kept informed on the employer's premises during non-work time, before or after shifts and during paid or unpaid breaks and lunch periods.

This is the law. If management interferes with the rights of members or discourages them from participating in our union in any way, stewards must take action:

 get information from the affected member(s)

 file a grievance – forms

- GNWT UNW Example Fillable Form

- GNWT UNW Fillable Form

- HRHSSA UNW Fillable Form

- NTPC UNW Fillable Form

 if management insists on interfering, advise the member to obey now and then grieve.

If you need assistance with the grievance process, please contact us.

Additionally, the UNW wants to track the grievances and employer interference with your rights. Please report all incidents to us.