Candid Committee Moments-Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning

We invite all members to view the youtube video of the Public Budget Briefing by the Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning – September 7, 2018.

Pay particular attention just after the 4 minute mark:

Minister McLeod’s address:

“For 2019-20 the GNWT is expecting significant revenue increases. As you will see in the detail this is due in part to:

  1. Increases to the grant from Canada
  2. Increase specific purpose transfers from Canada mostly related to infastructure and investement and
  3.  A rebound in corporate taxes & resource revenues While this inrease revenue is welcome …”

Radio silence in the aha moment as panic seems to be setting in for the advisors in room. Luckily, one brave warrior approaches the Minister around the  4:45 mark and if you crank up the volume you will hear “I’m sorry, I gave you the wrong one.” Which means: Mr. Minister, that was the cabinet only briefing and certainly not intended for public consumption.

Please click here to be directed to the video and see for yourself:

Truth or Delusion? - You be the judge