GNWT Budget Dialogue 2016

Northern Territories Federation of Labour submission

We have attachd here the budget submission from the Northern Territories Federation of Labour which was composed to help prevent cuts to government jobs.


Budget Dialogue Update!

The UNW has sent further information to the Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning via letter on May 27.

To read our letter, please click here.

The UNW will continue to oppose any and all job cuts to the bargaining unit. Our members and residents of the NWT deserve security and stability.

Please talk to your MLA today. Ask them to support the hardworking employees.


Protect Public Workers!

We are asking our members and citizens of the NWT to join us in calling for the protection of public workers and investment in badly needed government programs and services.

Your ideas should be sent by email to by May 20, 2016.


UNW'S Submission

The UNW wants to protect GNWT jobs and important programs and services.  We have made an official submission to the GNWT, which has also been sent individually to all of the regular MLAs.   You can read our submission here:

         UNW Budget Submission 2016


Alternatives North

We also support like-minded groups and organizations who are fighting against proposed government cuts. Alternatives North held a public meeting for a People's Budget Thursday, April 21 at the Baker Centre.  A number of union leaders participated in this meeting.  

A full account of the meeting and budget submission can be viewed at the Alternatives North website