GNWT Ratification Vote Meeting

GNWT Ratification Vote Meeting

Event date: 

Jul 28, 5:30 pm

Event location: 

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GNWT BARGAINING: Ratification and Voting

GNWT members should have already received Ratification Meeting registration and voting information to their personal emails from Intelivote, PSAC's online voting system. Members who do not have a personal email address on file should have received their packages by mail.

You must attend a Ratification Meeting to be eligible to vote!

All meetings will be held virtually, and members can choose whichever meeting date best suits their schedule:

Check out the GNWT Bargaining Updates section of our website for more info on:

  • How to register for Ratification Meetings
  • How to receive a voting package
  • How to vote

If you have any questions about how to attend Ratification meetings or how to vote, please contact PSAC North at or 867-873-5670 or toll free at: 1-800-661-0870.