Grievance Decisions

Grievance decisions provide important guidance on interpreting articles of collective agreements that have been controversial in the past.

The documents can be viewed either as a "Summary" or a "Full Decision". Unless otherwise noted the employer is the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and references are to Articles in the Collective Agreement with the GNWT.

Stanton Breaks


GNWT Relief Employees Audit


16-P-1868 Continuous Service


08-815 – Special Leave  


08-744 – Termination    


08‐728 Relief Workers’ Minimum Staffing--Standby Pay    


08‐628 Step Increments       


08‐588 Absent Without Leave    


08-144-149-155-157 Accommodation, Discrimination, Medical Documentation, Termination  


07-516 Relief Employees  


06-142 Statutory Holiday Banked Hours    


06-111 Letters of Reprimand    


06-068 Abandonment of Position    


06-087 Medical Travel Time    


05-503 Casual Employees - Statutory Holiday Pay    


05-616 Medical Travel     


05-515 Rejection on Probation            


05-576 Maternity Parental Leave Allowance    


05-627 Special Leave  


05-545 Dismissal