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Messages of Support and Testimonials

GNWT, NTPC, Hay River Health and Social Services, Avens- or any UNW bargaining group that needs support

Send us your messages of support to the bargaining teams.  You can also send us anecdotes and short stories about how any of the outstanding bargaining issues affect you. 

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GNWT cost of living member message

Casual employee member message

Dec. 1, 2018 - "Stay strong/some of us are now gone.  Being a casual worker for almost four years...Been in the NWT for over four years and let go with no reason just my contract will not be extended...There are times when at least one third of the work force are casuals, one way of keeping your employees tight lipped, scared to speak, or your gone, that's alive and well in this region.  Merry Christmas everyone." - Wayne McKay, Fort Simpson

NWT Power Corporation

Nov. 2, 2018 - "...I could talk about....Responding by air in weather we really shouldn't be flying in to outages... Everywhere! The loss of our friend Tim Harris doing just that!Cancelling holidays cuz of emergencies! Putting out brush fires with shovels and buckets at snare at 4am so our power poles don't burn down!  Providing power AND response over some million square kilometers of the nwt!!  During some of those outage responses it is OUR homes and families we leave in the dark... Yet we go!  Nobody wants a strike! But I don't think anybody would look honestly at the job we do and the situations we end up in and say we are overpaid!  Gnwt allowing the company to leave us without a contract for 3 years is an open hand slap in the face and shows utter contempt for the efforts put in by power Corp employees!!"   - NWT Power Corp employee