North Star Training Centre

North Star Training Rooms

NS Training Centre concourse

The UNW's new headquarters building, the North Star, hosts a large Training Centre on the main floor.

At this time, services are very limited. As we work towards offering such services as projector, sound system, beverage services, etc, we will at some point start charging for the use of our training and meeting rooms.

In the Training Centre, there are three smaller rooms, accommodating up to XX people (depending on room set up) in each room. The three rooms open up into one large room if required.

In the lobby of the main floor, there is also a small meeting room that can accomodate up to 6 or 8 people.

One of the training rooms has a large screen monitor available for presentations. You must bring your own laptop and your laptop must have an HDMI port.

Flipcharts are available upon request. A conference phone is also available upon request for toll-free or incoming calls only.

At this time we do not offer food or beverage services, however we can provide you with a list of local catering companies.

The Training Centre is also suitable for receptions and arts shows, especially if the main floor is opened up to include the lobby and training rooms.

There is coffee kiosk in the lobby which is up for tender. Please contact the Director of Finance and Administration for more information and proposal information.

Please contact the UNW at 873-5668 or for more information and booking availability.