NTPC Bargaining Input


Your Collective Agreement expires March 31, 2021.

The bargaining input process starts early, as there are numerous steps to the process:

As always, the UNW will be seeking a negotiated settlement that addresses the priorities identified by the members.

A key part of the process is the opportunity for all members to provide input on their bargaining priorities and make suggestions for changes to the collective agreements. We need your voice!

To ensure that all our members feel they have had an opportunity to contribute, the UNW added a NEW STEP to the process by providing two ways to contact your Union directly and identify what is important to you:

  1. NTPC Bargaining Survey

  2. NTPC Bargaining Proposal Suggestion Form

NOTE: You must be a signed Member in Good standing of the NTPC bargaining unit to participate. To sign up or find out how to check your membership status, visit http://www.unw.ca/join-unw.


Bargaining input surveys have been compiled and the results reported to Local Executives.  


Bargaining proposal Suggestion Forms have been forwarded to your Local’s Bargaining Committee. Proposals will be gathered, debated, and selected to go forward to the Bargaining Conference. 

Not all proposals can make it to the table.  You are strongly encouraged to contact your Local bargaining committee to speak about your proposal and encourage your fellow members to support it.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Anne Marie Thistle, Director of Membership Services, at 867-873-5668 or thistla@unw.ca.