PSAC and UNW Conventions and AGMs Postponed

The PSAC and UNW take the health and safety of our members and staff seriously.

Due to uncertainty around the pandemic and restrictions on group gatherings and meetings, the PSAC National Board of Directors have passed resolutions officially postponing the PSAC National Convention and the PSAC Regional Conventions by one year, and suspending Convention and AGM deadlines until Sept 2020.

This means:

  • PSAC National Convention, originally scheduled for 2021, will be postponed until 2022 (dates to be announced)

  • PSAC North Conventionhas been rescheduled to May 28-30, 2021 in Whitehorse.

  • Terms of office for current PSAC Executive Officers are likewise extended by 1 year.

What this means for UNW Convention:

  • The UNW 18th Triennial Convention, originally scheduled for October 2020, will be rescheduled to 2021 (dates to be announced).

  • Delegate elections will stand and do not need to be redone, and each Local’s delegate entitlement will not change.

  • Locals can still run elections for Alternates closer to the 2021 convention to fill seats if some delegates are no longer be able to attend.

    • Locals have additional time to determine if they wish to send paid Observers. 

    • Timelines for submitting Resolutions are now extended.

  • Local Resolutions must be submitted 4 months before Convention, and must be fully debated and voted on at a Local general membership meeting. 

  • It is recommended that the Locals save this work for 2021.

  • Terms of office for UNW Executive (UNW President, VPs, RVPs, and EVP) are extended by one year, up to convention 2021.

  • As RVP elections have already started, the results will stand; newly elected officers will start their terms following the announcement of the successful candidates at Convention 2021, as per UNW By-laws.

What this means for Local Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Local Officers:

  • UNW Local AGMs are to be held in October and November as per UNW By-laws and Regulations.

  • As PSAC has suspended all timelines until September; therefore, as of right now, Local AGMs may tentatively go ahead for scheduling in October and November. 

  • This status of these AGMs is subject to change, dependent on any health and safety restrictions on group gatherings or meetings issued by the NWT Office of the Chief Public Health Officer.