Stop Stanton Contracting Out

GNWT Labour Relations has told the UNW that Stanton’s 8 Facilities Management Workers face lay-off. Documents obtained by the UNW show the contracting out couldn't be even broader.  The lay-offs could come as early as June 2015.

Stanton Territorial Health Authority plans to replace these workers with contracted-out services. The lay-offs are the latest in a management campaign of privatization.  Food services and housekeeping have already been contracted out.

The UNW has filed a grievance challenging the failure to consult on plans for contracting out.

The privatization hurts workers, hurt patients and hurts the hospital and GNWT

Take Action! You Could Be Next!

Call Your MLA and say “No Way” to more privatization

Ask your friends, neighbors and local businesses to call MLAs and say they oppose privatization

See a backgrounder and anti-privatization letter

Read UNW President Todd Parsons Anti-Privation Letter to the Editor