Trouble at Work?

The Steps to Take If Problems Occur

1.     Look at Your Collective Agreement

Your collective agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of you and and your employer, including hours of work, overtime, vacation, sick, family-related and other types of leave, grievance procedures, pay, benefits, and much more. There is a very good chance that your question will be answered within this agreement.  
When you started work, your Human Resources department or supervisor should have supplied you with a printed copy of your collective agreement.   You can also view your collective agreement on-line 

See Your Collective Agreement 

2.    Contact Your Shop Steward 

If the answer to your problem is not in your collective agreement, talk to your Shop Steward.  Your Shop Steward is the UNW’s front line representative in the local workplace.  He or she acts as the UNW’s voice to both management and the members of the union's local. The Shop Steward will help you to resolve your problem, and/or seek advice and support from more senior union executive members, such as the Chief Shop Steward or Regional Vice President.

See Contacts for Your Local 

3.   Contact the UNW Office 

If you have problems finding what you are looking for after you have looked at your collective agreement, if your president/steward is unavailable, or you just don’t know what step to take next, UNW head office is always available to help you out.  

See the UNW Office contacts page