UNW Convention

The supreme governing body of the Union is Convention

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What happens at Convention?

Setting Priorities and Planning

The UNW Triennial Convention is the forum where union delegates adopt resolutions that direct how the Union will spend its money and decide what priorities it should pursue until the next Convention. 

All of the decisions made at Convention are done through voting by the delegates in attendance.

To ensure that members are well represented, delegates are elected from and by fellow members of their respective Locals. Delegates are chosen based on their ability to represent the best interests of all the members of that Local, and how they vote at a convention should reflect those collective interests.

Each Local is also given an opportunity to submit resolutions to a convention. 

Electing the Executive

Convention is when senior union leadership is elected or confirmed. 

Starting six months prior to the 18th Triennial Convention this fall, all signed members will have the opportunity to elect their respective Regional Vice Presidents through a mail in ballot, and the results will be confirmed at the convention.

The UNW President and two Vice Presidents will be elected from and by Convention delegates.

Only signed members in good standing are eligible to attend Convention and be elected to leadership roles.


UNW By-Law 14, Conventions:

Convention shall be composed of the Executive of the Union, Alternate Regional Vice‐Presidents, the Alternate Equity Vice‐President, and members from Locals duly elected in accordance with these By‐Laws.

Convention shall establish the general policies of the Union.