UNW Convention 2020

UNW 18th Triennial Convention:  POSTPONED

Please see the Convention 2021 page for information about the rescheduled Convention.

May 11, 2020

The UNW 18th Triennial Convention, originally scheduled for October 2020, will be rescheduled to 2021 (dates to be announced).

  • Delegate elections will stand and do not need to be redone, and each Local’s delegate entitlement will not change.

  • Locals can still run elections for Alternates closer to the 2021 convention to fill seats if some delegates are no longer be able to attend.

  • Locals have additional time to determine if they wish to send paid Observers. 

  • Timelines for submitting Resolutions are now extended.

    • Local Resolutions must be submitted 4 months before Convention, and must be fully debated and voted on at a Local general membership meeting.

    • It is recommended that the Locals save this work for 2021.

  • Terms of office for UNW Executive (UNW President, VPs, RVPs, and EVP) are extended by one year, up to convention 2021.

  • As RVP elections have already started, the results will stand; newly elected officers will start their terms following the announcement of the successful candidates at Convention 2021, as per UNW By-laws.

Elections of Regional Vice Presidents

April 2020

Nomination packages for the elections of Regional Vice Presidents have been mailed to all UNW members who are signed and in good standing.

More information and copies of the documents, as well as deadlines, can be found here:  Your Executive

Election of Delegates and Alternates

April 20, 2020

The following Locals have received more nominations than delegate spots and will require members to elect delegates:

Local 01, Local 06, Local 09, Local 11, Local 12, Local 13, Local 16, Local 28, Local 30, and Local 38.

Elections for Delegates and Alternates will be carried out online using electronic ballots. Eligible Members from each Local holding an election (listed above) will be provided an electronic ballot and instructions via email.

Ballot emails were sent to all eligible members of the above Locals on April 20 at 12:44 pm MST, via the personal email address on file at UNW HQ. 

To be considered eligible to vote, you must be a signed member in good standing of the UNW.

If you are a member of one of the above Locals and do not receive the ballot email, check your spam folder for "vote@simplyvoting.com" or contact pr@unw.ca to confirm your eligibility and email information BEFORE voting closes.

Voting opens at 1:00 PM MST on Monday, April 20 and closes at 11:59 PM MST on Thursday, April 23.

To vote online, you will be required to provide:

  • Your UNW Membership Card Number (not your PSAC #)
  • Your PIN (provided in the ballot email)

If you do not know your Membership Card Number, please contact UNW HQ at hq@unw.ca or phone 867-873-5668, (toll free 1-877-906-4447) by 5:00 pm on April 23, 2020. You may be asked to provide information about yourself or your employment to verify your identity.

Nomination Call for Delegates and Alternates

This Nomination Call has been emailed to all UNW members who have a personal email address on file at UNW HQ; posted in the UNW Facebook Group; and posted here on the UNW website:

For more information on UNW Convention, please see the UNW By-Law 14 Conventions.


All nominees and nominators MUST be:

  • signed members in good standing 
  • members of the Local entered on the Nomination form.

To encourage the recommended practice of social-distancing, and in consideration of anyone who is currently self-isolating, UNW HQ is accepting emails or faxes from nominators instead of original signatures.

  1. Make sure you fill out the names of the two nominators on the form

  2. Have each nominator email or fax you written confirmation that they support your nomination (see example below)

  3. attach copies of the emails or faxes from each nominator to your form (if sending by email, ensure all documents are attached to the email)

Example of fax or email:

"I, [nominator's name] am a member in good standing of Local [x] and I nominate [nominee's name] to stand for election for Delegate for the UNW 18th Triennial Convention"

Return completed Nomination forms by 5:00pm on Saturday, April 18.


email: pr@unw.ca and Cc: hq@unw.ca

fax: 867-920-4448



On April 19, if there are more nominees than delegate seats, an election will be conducted electronically.

The electronic ballot will be emailed to the members of each UNW Local conducting an election who:

  • are a signed member in good standing, and
  • the UNW has a home personal email address for

Deadline to complete and submit ballots: April 23, 2020, 5:00 pm

Membership applications can be found here:

Convention Call Out

The Convention Call Out for UNW's 18th Triennial Convention has been sent to all UNW Local Presidents by mail and by email. 

Important information on the election of delegates, delegate entitlement, and resolution deadlines is included in the Convention Call Letter:

Important Dates and Deadlines

April 23, 2020- All names of delegates and alternates must be submitted to the Director of Finance and Administration by this date.  

June 23, 2020 - Resolutions from Locals must be submitted to the Director of Finance and Administration by this date.

Visit the Events Calendar page for information on dates, times and locations of Local General Meetings.

Important Documents and Forms

See section on deadlines above. 


Please see the UNW Bylaws and Regulations for more information on rules governing Convention and elections.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your RVP or UNW HQ.