UNW Email List Update

As the COVID-19 outbreak has required us to move more of our activities online, the UNW has been taking a close look at how to ensure important communications are distributed to members.

In preparation for the election of UNW Triennial Convention Delegates and other UNW activities happening in the coming months, we are updating the email list we use to distribute UNW information to members to ensure everyone is receiving email relevant to their Region and/or Local.

As it contains the most up-to-date member status information, we will be using our membership database to update our lists. 

If any of your personal information has changed in the past 24 months, and you haven't notified the UNW of the changes, you may stop receiving emails.

A test email will be sent to the updated contact list on FRIDAY, APRIL 17, at 10:00 am MST.

If you do not receive this email, please email your:

  • NAME


  • LOCAL NUMBER, and 


to pr@unw.ca to update your contact information.