UNW Regions and RVPs

A group of Locals within a geographic, political, or economic area makes up a Region.  There are seven regions in the UNW.  

Each Region has an elected Regional Vice President chosen by the Region's members. Their term of office is three years. 

Regional Vice President election results are announced at the UNW Triennial Convention which is held every third year. Regional Vice Presidents are the political representatives in the Regions and sit on the  UNW Executive.

UNW Regions

Somba K'e Region

includes Locals 01, 16, 28, 30, 32 and 33 
Susan Harrison --Regional Vice President

North Great Slave Region 

includes Locals 09, 10, 11, 25 and 345
Jason Card —Regional Vice President

Hay River Region

includes Locals 06, 21 and 22
Dawna O'Brien—Regional Vice President

Fort Smith Region

includes Locals 02 and 12
Lauraine Armstrong—Regional Vice President

Beaufort Delta-Sahtu Region

includes Locals 03, 19 and 29
David Bob —Regional Vice President

Deh Cho Region

includes Locals 13 and 31
Christina Holman—Regional Vice President

Kimberlite Region

includes Locals 3050, 36
Ivan Landry—Regional Vice President