Your Executive

The Union of Northern Workers is lead by its Executive, which governs the UNW between conventions.  The Executive is elected at the UNW Triennial Convention, where delegates meet to decide issues of policy and set the direction for the UNW.

If a Regional Vice President or Equity Vice President has to step down during the three year cycle, an election is run by mail ballot to all signed members of that Region.


Your Current 2018 Executive (as of  October 2019)

President - Todd Parsons
First Vice President - Gayla Thunstrom
Second Vice President - Sean Dalton
RVP Somba K'e - Josée-Anne Spirito
Fort Smith - Lauraine Armstrong,
RVP Hay River - Chris Boutilier
Deh Cho - Christina Holman
RVP Beaufort Delta/Sahtu - Rosa Kayotuk
RVP North Great Slave - Bridget O'Keefe
RVP Kimberlite - VACANT
Equity Vice President - Melvin Larocque   


UNW Full Executive Standing Committees


Gayla Thunstrom - Chair;  Dawna O'Brien, Josée-Anne Spirito


Lauraine Armstrong


Sean Dalton, Christina Holman



Todd Parsons President
Gayla Thunstrom First Vice President
Sean Dalton Second Vice President
Josée-Anne Spirito Regional Vice President Somba K'e
Lauraine Armstrong Regional Vice President Fort Smith
Chris Boutilier Regional Vice President Hay River
Rosa Kayotuk Regional Vice President Beaufort Delta-Sahtu
Christina Holman Regional Vice President Deh Cho
Vacant Regional Vice President Kimberlite
Melvin Larocque Equity Vice President
Bridget O'Keefe Regional Vice President North Great Slave