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The Mission of the Union of Northern Workers is to inspire, engage and empower workers and community through quality education, effective representation, model public and political action.  

The Union of Northern Workers is the largest union in the Northwest Territories.  Its 5,700 members are employed in the Government of the Northwest Territories, NWT Power Corporation, at the Ekati Diamond Mine, in municipal governments, housing authorities and private contracting firms.  

The UNW is a component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and is part of the PSAC North region.

The UNW provides direct service to its members, representing them in job appeals, grievances and everyday workplace issues.  The UNW also prepares bargaining demands for contract negotiations.
UNW Service Officers help ensure that the terms and conditions are enforced for each of the Collective Agreements that apply to our UNW members.
The Union of Northern Workers is led by its Executive, which governs the UNW between conventions. The Executive consists of a President, 1st Vice-President and 2nd Vice-President (who are referred to as "table officers"),  seven Regional Vice Presidents, and an Equity Vice President.  They are elected at the UNW Triennial Convention.  It is at Convention, where delegates meet to decide issues of policy and set the direction for the UNW.
There are seven regions in the UNW.  Each Region has an elected Regional Vice President chosen by the Region's members. Their term of office is three years. Election results are announced at the UNW Triennial Convention which is held every third year. Regional Vice Presidents are the political representatives in the Regions and are members of the UNW Executive.
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