Town of Hay River Strike

FEBRUARY 25 - Union forced to walk away from the table

Workers and the union are always ready to return to the table and negotiate, by the Town has only offered the team an ulitmatum, with no room to bargain fairly.

And by inviting the members to cross their own picket line and return to work the mayor plans to divide the community instead of working together to end the strike.


Come out and support the striking workers.  PSAC National President Robyn Benson will join the members and show her solidarity.  Members will be burning the letters that the Mayor sent inviting them to cross the picket line!

Read the Media Release


For regular updates, check out the Town of Hay River under Bargaining Updates, or CLICK HERE to be redirected to that page.

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Fort Smith Housing 

Fort Smith Housing employees are back to work this morning, after reaching an agreement with the employer last week.  The members and the Union thank everyone for your support and well wishes over the last few weeks!



Happy February, Equity Members!

Go to our Equity Members page for a message from Equity Vice President, Miriam Gordon.


GNWT Bargaining - Input Call

It is that time again!  The Input Call has gone out to Locals by email - time to start scheduling your bargaining proposal meetings with members.  Please go to our GNWT bargaining page for more information for Locals.


Mentorship Program--2015 

Click HERE for information on the mentorship program, including available dates in 2015.


New Building 

Check out our NEW BUILDING! page to see pictures of the progression of our new House of Labour!  We can't wait for it to be done.


STOP Bill 12!

Go to our Campaigns page for more information

Detailed analysis and submissions by the labour organizations are found on the website  StopBill12.org 

THU FEB 19 - Legislative Assembly public hearing!  Come out and show your support!

The GNWT's Bill 12--the Northern Employee Benefits Services Pension Plan Act--threatens the pension benefits of more than 1,000 UNW members.  The Bill would allow benefits to be reduced retroactively, betraying the promise of benefit and income security workers signed on to under the current plan.

The Union of Northern Workers, Public Service Alliance of Canada, Northern Territories Federation of Labour and the NWT Teachers Association are fighting the Bill.  Submissions have been made to the Legislative Assembly committee reviewing the Bill, calling for it to be withdrawn. 

One clause in the bill would allow the GNWT to join the NEBS pension plan, leaving GNWT superannuation plan members vulnerable to cuts in benefits.


 UNW and the Community

The Union of Northern Workers cares about our communities, and we are a working partner to support organizations who are making change.   Interested in what your union does in the community? Check out some of the links on our website!

Community Partnerships and Support

Social Justice




Cafe Justicia is back!  The UNW has a new shipment of this organic, fair trade plus, Guatemalan coffee, purchased from the PSAC Social Justice Fund.  We have: medium or dark roast, beans or ground (as supplies last).  $13/bag  cash only

If you would like to buy some, stop by the UNW building during office hours.