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 Union activity in the workplace: the real rules


UNW members have the right to promote and build our union in the workplace. Members have the right to be kept informed on the employer's premises during non-work time, before or after shifts and during paid or unpaid breaks and lunch periods. This is the law.

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Collective bargaining is how the union (the bargaining agent) and management come up with the terms and conditions of employment for the workers involved (the bargaining unit). Labour labour legislation sets out rules for how these negotiations take place and how disputes are handled.
Each bargaining agent also has rules about how they negotiate on behalf of their members:
  • how the member input is gathered
  • how decisions are made about bargaining proposals
  • who does the bargaining
The UNW's bargaining rules are set out in the Public Service Alliance of Canada Constitution and Regulations, the UNW By-Laws and Regulations, the Canada Labour Code, the NWT Public Service Act, and the GNWT Act.

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